2018 Handbook

Today is 2 April and the 2018 TCS Handbook has been added to the website.

In addition, you club secretary should have been contacted to confirm the details.

The Handbook has gone to print and so copies should be issued to the clubs in the next week or so.

‘Good Game’ for 2018!


2018 TCS Fixtures

Here are the fixtures for the 2018 TCS Summer and Autumn leagues.

As usual there’s a bit of date juggling that goes on but it should be OK.

As of today (28th March) there are a couple of contact details to update and then the whole Handbook will be put online. It will also go […]

2017 Fixtures

Hopefully that’s the date juggling pretty much sorted for another year!

Copies of the 2017 handbook will be issued to clubs in the next few days (1st week of April) but you can see the full version here from today – 30th March.

We’ve checked the schedule as best we can but, inevitably, there may […]

North of Scotland Inter District Event

Hi all,

On 21 January Tennis Central Under 9 and Under 10 teams took part in the North of Scotland Mini Tennis District Team event. There were teams from North East, Highlands and Tayside. There were 8 players from each District in the U9 team and 8 players in U10 team.

The Central team did […]

Junior Scoresheet

Many thanks to Jim at Laurieston for pointing out that I had missed out the Junior Scoresheet for the summer leagues. mea culpa! If you spot anything missing on the site, please let me know here. Thanks.